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About Us

CORE Project

Competence Oriented Methodologies for R&D in Social and Educational Sciences

CORE is an ERASMUS+ Project. It is led under the coordination of Ass. Prof. Mustafa Özgenel from İstanbul Sabahattin Zaim University in Türkiye. The projects is carried out by 6 partners from 5 different countries, namely Turkey, Portugal, Romania, Sırbia and Bulgaria. Main target group of the project is researchers. According to “Towards a European Framework for Reseach Careers” published by EU Commission, researcher careers splited into 4 groups, and in this project we focus on 2 of them. Those are:

  • First Stage Researchers are individuals doing research under supervision in academy, university, research institutes and industry up to the level of PhD (including doctoral candidates). Their main feature is that they cannot independently conducted research but have the ability of understanding the field and ambition to learn.
  • Recognized Researchers are research assistants and PhD holders who have not yet established a significant level of independence. They have all competences of First Stage Researchers and started to gain their independence. Even though they have necessary skills for R&D, they don’t have necessary skills for preparation, implementation, management, evaluation of a research project.

The project aims to contribute to the development of research skills and competencies of those first-stage and recognized researchers in the area of social and educational sciences. To facilitate and accelerate their career progress it seeks to provide them a tailor-made training program that will help their problems on academic methodology. Other objectives in the project are:

  • Providing training tools for First Stage Researchers in social and educational sciences to increase their research skills and competences to contribute their Professional career to make them more independent and ready for becoming Recognized Researchers.
  • Developing tools for Recognised Researchers in social and educational sciences to enhance their research Project preparation, implementation and evaluation skills to ensure their collaboration with colleagues and stakeholders for creation of innovative intellectual outputs. Making them ready to become Established Researchers.
  • Raising awareness on the problems that researchers and academicians faces due to lack of proper training tools and methodology in scientific research in social and educational area in higher education.
  • Increasing opportunities for e-learning/blended learning in this area via digital platforms.
  • Ensuring free access to Open Educational Resources and materials in this area.
  • Development of network & synergy between different partners in the area.